Products and Services



Do you want to avoid the mud and dirt mess in your outdoor event? A Flight Events floor can make a big difference in the aesthetics of your event. Wouldn’t you love to hear people talk highly about your spectacular event in the years to come? Be it a dance party or a stage for speech or performance Flight Events can build for you the best flooring in Durban, for your dream event that will leave you and your guests breathless. We can help you make a colourful high-performance dance floor that tempts your guests to shake a leg. With a spectacular floor and a dazzling stage, we can guarantee you the complete attention of your guests.
We also offer extra-wide flooring to cover large marquees and outdoor areas. ? We offer you excellent marquee flooring service, taking into account the decor of your marquee and more importantly your dream theme.

Dance Floors


Our dance floors are among the best in Durban. We use high quality timber to build our dance floors. Set in a sturdy aluminium frame with interlocking lugs, the dance floor sports a ramped edge. These are designed for use on firm surfaces in a hotel or a marquee. No matter what size of floor you may require, with the polished and slip resistant finish, our dance floors are safe and thrilling to dance on, be it wedding reception dances, ballroom dancing, or disco dancing.

We can provide you with a simple, elegant black and white dance floor, or we can pick almost any colour to match the theme, style and feel of your special party!


Do you have a prominent speaker or a rocking band performing at your event? Do you need them to stand out as the centre of attention? We can build a stage for you to almost any size and specification to really add a strong focus-point to your special day. Our stages are all built to the highest quality and we can dress them to match whatever theme that you desire.



Do you crave a resounding “WOW” from your guests at your dream event? We can turn an average ballroom into a dreamland with our stunning ceiling drapes. Draping is a wonderful way to enhance any event. You can camouflage the less attractive areas and help enhance the stage. We use high quality chiffon fabric for draping. We use attractive ceiling liners to hide the structure poles in frame tents and soften the interior for more visual appeal. We offer the best and most affordable draping in Durban.

We also provide you with tables dressed with our quality tablecloths, skirting and napkins  matching your style and theme. A beautiful ceiling draping  will add to the overall appeal of your event.



Lighting is a very thrilling way to etch your event into the minds of your guests. Do you need a perfect blend of lighting for your wedding reception? Using clever techniques and best-in class products, we can make sure that all eyes are on your event. We can illuminate the individual features of your event like walls, ceilings, pillars, archways, windows and alcoves into beautiful enhancements for all to see. Contact Flight Events if you want the best lighting techniques and ideas in Durban.

Miscellaneous Items

We can provide almost any ornamental item or covering to enhance the overall appeal of any event. We can provide you with quality chair covers that match your theme with flattering sashes for the added elegance. We can provide a spectacular red carpet so your special guests can arrive in style. We can provide table covers, stanchions, almost anything you can think of! Be it your wedding reception, or a grand birthday party, we can accommodate your dream theme.
Do you need a band to rock your event to fame? We can even recommend you a few good ones to you!